ball (n.1)

“圆形物体, 紧凑的球形体”, 也是“游戏中使用的球”, 13世纪, 可能来自未被记录的古英语 *beal, *beall (由缩略语 bealluc “睾丸” 为证), 或来自同源的古北欧语 bollr “球”, 来自原日耳曼语 *balluz (来源也是荷兰语 bal, 佛兰芒语 bal, 古高德语 ballo, 德语 Ball), 来自PIE根 *bhel- (2) “吹, 膨胀”.

意为“睾丸” 是14世纪初的(比较 ballocks). 脚的 Ball 是14世纪中叶的 意为“战争中使用的圆形导弹” 是14世纪晚期的 A ball作为体育比赛中的对象是13世纪的记载; 意为“用球进行的比赛” 是14世纪中叶的 棒球意义上的“在打击区内不越过板的投球” 是到1889年的, 可能是 high ball, low ball 等的简称.

Ball-point pen 是到1946年. Ball of fire 当第一次记录在1821年提到“一杯白兰地;” 作为“壮观的成功争夺者” 它是20世纪. 许多短语都来自体育. “To have the ball” 保持优势“是15世纪的. 要 on the ball 是从1912年开始; 到 keep (one's) eye on the ball 到了1907年, 可能最终是在高尔夫上, 它是一个经常重复的建议项目. 形象化地使用 ball in (someone's) court 是到1956年, 从网球.

The head must necessarily be steady, for it is most important that you should keep your eye fixedly on the ball from the moment that the club-head is lifted from the ground until the ball is actually struck.” Keep your eye on the ball, “ should be your companion text to” Slow back. “ [Horace G. Hutchinson,” Hints on the Game of Golf, “ 1886]

Once a meeting is over, someone will be expected to do something. Make sure it is someone else. This is known as keeping the ball in their court. [Shepherd Mead,” How to Get Rich in TV Without Really Trying, “ 1956]

ball (n.2)

“跳舞的聚会, 跳舞的社交集会”, 1630年代, 源于法语, 来自古法语 baller “跳舞”, 来自晚期拉丁语 ballare “跳舞”, 来自希腊语 ballizein “跳舞, 跳来跳去”, 字面意思是“投掷身体” (古希腊舞蹈是高度运动的), 来自PIE根 *gwele- “投掷, 到达”. 延伸意思是“非常愉快的时光”, 是1945年的美国英语俚语, 也许是20世纪30年代的非裔美国人的土话.

ball (v.)

1650年代, “使成球”, 来自 ball (n. 1). Intransitive sense of “become like a ball, form a compact cluster” is from 1713; that of “to copulate” is first recorded 1940s in jazz slang, either from the noun sense of “testicle” or “enjoyable time” (from ball (n. 2) ). 相关链接: Balled; balling.

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Definitions of ball from WordNet
ball (n.)
round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games;
the ball travelled 90 mph on his serve
the mayor threw out the first ball
the ball rolled into the corner pocket
ball (n.)
a solid projectile that is shot by a musket;
they had to carry a ramrod as well as powder and ball
Synonyms: musket ball
ball (n.)
an object with a spherical shape;
a ball of fire
Synonyms: globe / orb
ball (n.)
the people assembled at a lavish formal dance;
the ball was already emptying out before the fire alarm sounded
ball (n.)
one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens;
she kicked him in the balls and got away
Synonyms: testis / testicle / orchis / ballock / bollock / nut / egg
ball (n.)
a spherical object used as a plaything;
he played with his rubber ball in the bathtub
ball (n.)
a compact mass;
a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder
Synonyms: clod / glob / lump / clump / chunk
ball (n.)
a lavish dance requiring formal attire;
Synonyms: formal
ball (n.)
a more or less rounded anatomical body or mass;
he stood on the balls of his feet
the ball at the base of the thumb
ball (n.)
a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs;
there was a desire for National League ball in the area
play ball!
Synonyms: baseball / baseball game
ball (n.)
a pitch that is not in the strike zone;
he threw nine straight balls before the manager yanked him
ball (v.)
form into a ball by winding or rolling;
ball wool
Ball (n.)
United States comedienne best known as the star of a popular television program (1911-1989);
Synonyms: Lucille Ball
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