1507年, “西半球, 北美洲和南美洲”, 在制图师马丁-瓦尔德塞缪勒的论文 “Cosmographiae Introductio,”, 来自现代拉丁文 Americanus, 以阿美利哥-韦斯普奇(1454-1512) 为代表, 他作为航海家两次到新大陆旅行, 并声称发现了新大陆. 他发表的作品提出了它是一个新大陆的观点, 他是第一个把它 Novus Mundus “新大陆” 的人. AmerigoVespucci (拉丁文 Vesputius, 可能产生地名 Vesputia) 更容易拉丁化. 在英语中的意义自然是局限于向英国殖民地, 然后是美国.

这个人的名字 Amerigo 是日耳曼语, 据说源于哥特语 Amalrich, 字面意思是“工作-统治者”. 古英语形式的名字已经作为姓氏 Emmerich, Emery, 等形式下来. 意大利女性形式合并成 Amelia.

通俗读音“Ameri-kay”, 并不罕见19世纪, 至少可以追溯到1643年, 还有一首诗, 用这个词押韵 away. Amerika “美国社会被视为种族主义, 法西斯主义, 压迫主义等” 从1969年开始得到印证; 拼写是德语, 但也可能建议 KKK.

It is a thousand pities that the puny witticisms of a few professional objectors should have the power to prevent, even for a year, the adoption of a name for our country. At present we have, clearly, none. There should be no hesitation about “ Appalachia.” In the first place, it is distinctive. “America” is not, and can never be made so. We may legislate as much as we please, and assume for our country whatever name we think right — but to use it will be no name, to any purpose for which a name is needed, unless we can take it away from the regions which employ it at present. South America is “America,” and will insist upon remaining so. [Edgar Allan Poe, “Marginalia,” in Graham's Magazine, Philadelphia, December 1846]

FREDONIA, FREDONIAN, FREDE, FREDISH, & c. & c. These extraordinary words, which have been deservedly ridiculed here as well as in England, were proposed sometime ago, and countenanced by two or three individuals, as names for the territory and people of the United States. The general term American is now commonly understood (at least in all places where the English language is spoken,) to mean an inhabitant of the United States; and is so employed, except where unusual precision of language is required. [John Pickering, “A Vocabulary, or Collection of Words and Phrases Which Have Been Supposed to be Peculiar to the United States of America,” Boston, 1816]

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Definitions of America from WordNet

America (n.)
North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776;
Synonyms: United States / United States of America / the States / us / U.S. / usa / U.S.A.
America (n.)
North America and South America and Central America;
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