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word-forming element meaning "division; split, cleavage," from Latinized form of Greek skhizo-, comb. form of skhizein "to split, cleave, part, separate," from PIE root *skei- "to cut, separate, divide, part, split" (source also of Sanskrit chindhi, chinatti "to break, split up," Avestan a-sista- "unsplit, unharmed," Greek skhizein "to split, cut through," Armenian c'tim "to tear, scratch," Latin scindere "to cut, rend, tear asunder, split; split up, part, divide, separate," Lithuanian skiesti "to separate, divide," Old Church Slavonic cediti "to strain," Old English scitan, Old Norse skita "to shit," Old Irish sceid "to vomit, spit," Welsh chwydu "to break open").