nap (n.1) Look up nap at
"downy surface of cloth," mid-15c., from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German noppe "nap, tuft of wool," probably introduced by Flemish cloth-workers. Cognate with Old English hnoppian "to pluck," ahneopan "pluck off," Old Swedish niupa "to pinch," Gothic dis-hniupan "to tear."
nap (v.1) Look up nap at
Old English hnappian "to doze, sleep lightly," of unknown origin, apparently related to Old High German hnaffezan, German dialectal nafzen, Norwegian napp. Related: Napped; napping.
nap (v.2) Look up nap at
"to furnish with a nap, raise the nap of," 1610s, from nap (n.1).
nap (n.2) Look up nap at
"short spell of sleep," c. 1300, from nap (v.). With take (v.) from c. 1400.