re-allocate (v.) Look up re-allocate at
also reallocate, by 1868, from re- + allocate. Related: Reallocated; reallocating.
re-allocation (n.) Look up re-allocation at
also reallocation, 1931, noun of action from reallocate (v.).
re-ally (v.) Look up re-ally at
"to form an alliance again," c. 1600, from re- + ally (v.). Related: Re-allied.
re-animate (v.) Look up re-animate at
also reanimate, 1610s, in spiritual and physical sense, from re- "back, again" + animate (v.) "to endow with life." Related: Reanimated; reanimating.
re-animation (n.) Look up re-animation at
also reanimation, 1777, from re- + animation.
re-appear (v.) Look up re-appear at
also reappear, 1610s, from re- "back, again" + appear. Related: Reappeared; reappearing.
re-appearance (n.) Look up re-appearance at
also reappearance, 1660s; see reappear + -ance.
re-apply (v.) Look up re-apply at
also also reapply, 1723, from re- + apply. Related: Reapplied; reapplying.
re-apportion (v.) Look up re-apportion at
also reapportion, 1832, from re- + apportion. Related: Reapportioned; reapportioning.
re-apportionment (n.) Look up re-apportionment at
also reapportionment, 1800, American English, from re- + apportionment.
re-arm (v.) Look up re-arm at
also rearm, 1805 (implied in re-arming), from re- "back, again" + arm (v.) "to supply with arms." Related: Re-armed.
re-armament (n.) Look up re-armament at
also rearmament, 1864; see re- + armament.
re-arrange (v.) Look up re-arrange at
also rearrange, 1798, from re- "back, again" + arrange. Related: Rearranged; rearranging; rearrangement.
re-assemble (v.) Look up re-assemble at
also also reassemble, late 15c., from re- + assemble. Related: Reassembled; reassembling; reassembler; reassembly.
re-assert (v.) Look up re-assert at
also also reassert, 1660s, from re- + assert. Related: Reasserted; reasserting; reassertion.
re-assess (v.) Look up re-assess at
also also reassess, 1803; see re- + assess. Related: Reassessed; reassessing.
re-assessment (n.) Look up re-assessment at
also also reassessment, 1751, from re- + assessment.
re-awaken (v.) Look up re-awaken at
also reawaken, 1810, from re- + awaken. Related: Reawakened; reawakening.
re-collect (v.) Look up re-collect at
"to collect or gather again," c. 1600, from re- + collect (v.). Earlier simply "to collect" (1510s). Related: Re-collected; re-collecting.
re-cover (v.) Look up re-cover at
"to put a new cover on," c. 1400, from re- "again" + cover (v.). Related: Re-covered; re-covering.
re-echo (v.) Look up re-echo at
1580s, from re- + echo (v.). Related: Re-echoed; re-echoing.
re-educate (v.) Look up re-educate at
also reeducate, 1808, from re- + educate. Related: Re-educated; re-educating; re-education.
re-elect (v.) Look up re-elect at
also reelect, c. 1600, from re- "back, again" + elect (v.). Related: Re-elected; re-electing.
re-enact (v.) Look up re-enact at
also reenact, 1670s, from re- "back, again" + enact. Originally of laws, etc.; meaning "to perform again, reproduce" is recorded from 1854. Related: Re-enacted; re-enacting.
re-enactment (n.) Look up re-enactment at
also reenactment, 1780; see re-enact + -ment.
re-enactor (n.) Look up re-enactor at
1965, agent noun from re-enact (v.). Specifically of one whose hobby or profession is to embody accurate historical presentation is in use by 1984, American English.
re-energize (v.) Look up re-energize at
1803, from re- + energize. Related: Re-energized; re-energizing.
re-enforce (v.) Look up re-enforce at
also reenforce, 1580s, "to give fresh strength to," from re- "back, again" + enforce (v.). Originally of persons or military units; of buildings, structures, etc., attested from 1883. Related: Re-enforced; re-enforcing.
re-enforcement (n.) Look up re-enforcement at
c. 1600, from re- + enforcement.
re-enlist (v.) Look up re-enlist at
also reenlist, 1828, from re- "back, again" + enlist. Related: Re-enlisted; re-enlisting.
re-enter (v.) Look up re-enter at
late 15c., from re- + enter. Related: Re-entered; re-entering.
re-entry (n.) Look up re-entry at
also reentry, mid-15c., "act of entering again," from re- "again" + entry; probably on model of Middle French rentrer (12c.). Specifically of spacecraft from 1948.
re-establish (v.) Look up re-establish at
also reestablish, late 15c.; from re- + establish. Related: Re-established; re-establishing.
re-evaluate (v.) Look up re-evaluate at
also reevaluate, 1903, from re- + evaluate. Related: Reevaluated; reevaluating.
re-evaluation (n.) Look up re-evaluation at
also reevaluation, 1905; noun of action from re-evaluate.
re-examine (v.) Look up re-examine at
also reexamine, 1590s, from re- + examine. Related: Re-examined; re-examining.
re-form (v.) Look up re-form at
"form again," mid-14c., from re- + form (v.). Related: Re-formed; re-forming; re-formation.
re-formation (n.) Look up re-formation at
early 15c., from re- + formation.
re-fund (v.) Look up re-fund at
"to replenish a fund," 1860, from re- + fund (v.). Related: Re-funded; re-funding.
re-hear (v.) Look up re-hear at
also rehear, 1680s, legal, from re- + hear. Related: Re-heard; re-hearing.
re-ignite (v.) Look up re-ignite at
also reignite, 1863, from re- + ignite. Related: Reignited; reigniting.
re-import (v.) Look up re-import at
also reimport, 1742, from re- + import (v.). Related: Re-imported; re-importing.
re-inter (v.) Look up re-inter at
also reinter, 1610s, from re- + inter. Related: Re-interred; re-interring.
re-lay (v.) Look up re-lay at
"to lay again," 1590s, from re- + lay (v.). Related: Re-laid; re-laying.
re-mark (v.) Look up re-mark at
"to mark again," 1610s, from re- + mark (v.). Related: Re-marked; re-marking.
re-present (v.) Look up re-present at
"to offer again," 1560s, from re- + present (v.). Related: Re-presented; re-presenting; re-presentation.
re-presentation (n.) Look up re-presentation at
"a presenting again," 1805, from re- + presentation.
re-read (v.) Look up re-read at
also reread, 1782, from re- + read (v.). Related: Re-reading. As a noun, from 1973.
re-record (v.) Look up re-record at
1930, from re- + record (v.). Related: Re-recorded; re-recording.
re-route (v.) Look up re-route at
also reroute, 1929, of mails, from re- "back, again" + route (v.). Related: Rerouted; rerouting.